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Recorded July 2011-April 2012
Chad Price Appears on 9 courtesy of ALL/Drag the River/Suburban Home Records



released August 13, 2012

All Songs by Bathurst
1, 3, 4, and 9 also written by Jay Edonel
Engineered, produced, and mixed by Derek Hoffman in Toronto, ON
Mastered by Dan Weston
Chad Price recorded by Scott Fogal/Black in Bluhm Music in Denver, CO



all rights reserved


Bathurst Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Cut Your Losses
Something here ain’t right, shit’s not making sense. Seems you’re losing ground, but now I’m building confidence. She’s crying again. Wipe them from her eyes.
Was it something you did not expect? Slowly fading into something that I might regret, but before you say goodnight, don’t you say goodbye. Don’t say goodbye.
Was this worth your time? Breaking ties that bind. Now it seems like you’re ignorant, there’s nothing on your mind. So just walk away. I’ll watch you walk away.
So long, we’re leaving you behind.
Track Name: Brunch
I can already feel all your disapproving eyes looking down on me. I’ll just shrug it off. No, It’s not for you. That’s not what it’s about. It’s for those just like me.
Your scene is so frustrating I can’t bear another day, setting out to ruin me. Well yes we’re old and jaded, just a bunch of hypocrites. I don’t have no time to waste.
i Doubt if this will make your playlist, that’s not what it’s about. We don’t even care how many records we sell. Don’t look for hidden meaning, you’ll only disappoint yourself.
Our rise is your fall. No, you won’t see you’re falling. We’ll take what we get, we’re living out your dream.
Show us your pair. We’ll beat you with straight hearts.
We’ll call your bluff
Track Name: Weekend
She said, “Thanks for the weekend will I see you again? Cause I already miss you, you haven’t even left. I really hate this distance, please stay just one more day.” I can’t seem to find the right words, I don’t know what to say.
So I said, “I promise I’ll be back next week.” While she cried, I kissed her goodbye, then went to find my seat.
“Don’t go away. Promise me that you’ll stay. Every time that you’d leave, I could feel my heart break.”
So I said, “I promise I will stay the same.” While she cried, I kissed her goodbye, “I must be on my way.”
Track Name: Forty Hours
Only one more day until I can get away. Can’t stand the sights and sounds, can’t stand a single thing about this place. I won’t be another casualty of your 9 to 5, won’t slave this grind, I’m living out my dreams.
So stay the hell out of my way, I won’t be back again. Your 40 hour week won’t get the best of me.
So now the times have changed, good kids have gone away. The juggalos are ripping oxy’s, you can see it in their face.
My weekend is starting Monday.
Track Name: Forecast
She packed her bags last night and headed for the door. Searching for clarity, “Nothing less nothing more,” she said. It’s hard to look ahead when the future is so unsure. “So many memories left behind, what am I searching for?” But time’s been wasting and I’ll never get it back. I always thought I would, I’ll never get it back.
Maybe if it gets better, maybe if it gets warmer. Maybe next time, maybe next year.
If only I had done this sooner than right now, to drag my body out from the wreckage of this fucking town. One more season and I think that I might drown, but I’m getting out.
Maybe this year.
Track Name: Hangover
I can’t remember what she said, I’m still waiting for the time that we’d spend. I know that she’s getting angry, but I don’t care.
So why’s she breaking down again? Why’s the problem always me?
She can’t remember what I said, she’s still waiting for the time that we’d spend. She knows that I’m getting angry, but she don’t care.
The problem’s always me.
Track Name: Seventeen
Remember when we could move mountains? These days we can barely throw stones. Well frankly we’re tired of drowning in puddles, let’s ditch the water wings and take on the ocean.
So let’s just say that we were so young, but not so innocent. Our dreams aren’t dead.
Remember when music meant something? These days it seems so hard to find. Something that we can hang onto, so let’s pretend we’re seventeen again.
You said this was a waste of time, but we were alright.
Our days were defined by our nights, would we ever make it? They say you get what you give, you are done with giving. I won’t look back in regret. We were young and searching.
We were so young, but not innocent.
Track Name: Not Quite Vegas
So what’s the problem? What’s wrong this week? Is it the same old story? You’re not happy unless you’re unhappy, and it’s plain to see. You’ve got to get back on your feet.
I’ve always been here, right by your side, and yet you still blame me. You won’t listen, you wont even try, so I’m leaving this behind.
Times have changed, seems you’re moving on to better days. Safe to say, you’re burning bridges on the way, and I’m afraid there isn’t any other way. It’s just too late; things will never be the same.
Track Name: Last Call ft. Chad Price
Hello regret, it’s been a while since last time we met. But it’s been said that good things happen, it hasn’t happened yet.
But it’s been so long,
I’ve been waiting for something to change. No more running, time slows down again.
Hello regret, it’s been so long, but I knew we’d meet again.
Track Name: For Julie
Name your reasons, you left us all behind. With heavy hearts and clouded minds. I won’t pretend that you’re here with me, but how I wish I knew what you were thinking.
She’s got a secret and she ain’t telling anyone. Woke up to missed messages and phone calls saying, “Sorry, Julie’s gone.” And no last goodbye.
She could set the sun. The smile of an angel, I hope she found home.
Through good times and bad times stand by your friends